Carolyn Kay McGraw

Soul Whisperer, Carolyn K. McGraw, is a gifted Empath, Medical Intuitive, Life Coach, Poet and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is also a TV Host on, “Life on Purpose”on WBTVN.TV. With a Masters’ Degree in Education, she has had a successful career as a teacher, transforming the lives of inner city youth with Poetry-Therapy. Carolyn has been featured as a guest expert in magazines, radio and TV shows such as, “Paranormal Connections.” Author of, “Create the Vision, Launch the Dream…Enlightened Ways to Build a Prosperous Business” is her audio book which includes a fascinating chapter on “Spiritual Marketing.” Carolyn has a keen ability to connect to the heart and help others find their purpose, develop their spiritual gifts and reach their dreams by connecting them to their soul wisdom. With her cutting-edge techniques her clients make a quantum leap in their personal development by boosting their emotional and spiritual intelligence. Carolyn coaches and mentors teens, parents, speakers, writers and spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to shift their paradigm and live on purpose!

Testimonial: "Carolyn has a special gift...she reflected the words of my soul and shared with clarity and a soothing peace of love. I now know what to do to get back to my highest self.-Denver, Hypnotherapist, Join Facebook group-“Soul Whisperer”. Purchase book at

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