Foundations of Mediumship 6-week course

Join Medium Kelley for this 6-week course designed to help you learn the foundations of Mediumship including becoming more spiritually aware! This course offers a comprehensive and interactive experience with your intuitive and spiritual sides through group exercises and individual instruction, using hands-on techniques. By the end of this 6-week course you will be surprised by your own ability to connect, and by the ways you can use this connection to enhance your everyday life.

The Foundations of Mediumship course is a 6-week development class from 1/9/19 to 2/13/19 and is for those who want to learn more about their intuition and connecting with the Spirit World and/or feel like they want to pursue this because you feel called to it.




This development course requires a commitment from each of you, you should not miss any classes as you will progress in each class. (I understand life happens, and will allow for 1 missed class; however, anything more than that should be discussed before continuing)

There will be homework in-between classes. For your homework you will be assigned a partner and you must complete the homework together.

At the final class you will be doing Readings for previous students and former clients.


Overview of things covered:


~ Meditation

~ Types of Mediumship

~ Difference between Mediumship and Psychic

~ Ethics of Mediumship

~ Feeling Energy

~ Protection

~ Belief systems

~ Chakra's

~ Auras

~ Clair's

~ Psychometry

~ Psychic Tools

~ Techniques for connecting with spirit.

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Medium Kelley

1 month ago

This is a 6-week course and the total cost for all 6 weeks is $150.00

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