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What is Booka Healing®?

A scheduling platform

Booka Healing enables an easy an straightforward process of booking Pranic Healing® sessions, where people that are curious and interested can try it out for a symbolic price. Those that have already tried it out and recognise its benefits, can quickly find a practitioner close to them.

Our Vision


A world where the benefits of Pranic Healing® are widely acknowledged and cherished – where most people are aware of its existence and where many choose it to complement and support the amazing work done by traditional medicine.

Our Mission


To create opportunities for people to get in touch with and experiment Pranic Healing® sessions in an organised, simple, and professional way while simultaneously offering a chance for practitioners to do volunteering and to work.

Connecting People

Participants & Practitioners

On one hand, our target audience is anyone that is looking for ways to increase their well being and to clear their mind. People that are open and willing to experiment with a technique that has helped thousands of others in many different ways. These are the folks that eventually become participants in one of our sessions.

On the other hand, practitioners of Pranic Healing® also leverage our system: having interested people readily available creates opportunities for volunteering (in the case of the tryout sessions with a symbolic price). Some of those participants end up either scheduling paid sessions or becoming interested in learning the technique themselves – in order to help themselves and their loves ones.

What is Pranic Healing® ?

A “no-touch” system

Pranic Healing® is a “no-touch” system based on the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing® utilizes “life force,” “energy,” or prana to accelerate the body’s inborn ability to recover. It is practiced by hundreds of thousands across the world.

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui was the founder of Modern Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga®. He was born in Cebu, Philippines, and became a yogi while he was still in his early teens.

His relentless search for spiritual truths beyond the accepted realities, balanced with a degree in Chemical Engineering and with his business acumen, has led thousands worldwide and from all works of life to experience the beliefs of Modern Pranic Healing®, Arhatic Yoga®, and his other esotheric teachings and their practices.

He authored more than 20 books, some of which have been published in 37 languages and read in over 90 countries worldwide. He also taught over 20 different courses on Pranic Healing®, Arhatic Yoga®, and higher spiritual courses around the world.

Source: Global Pranic Healing® website

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