Talinn, Estonia


Booka Healing® is developed and maintained by

Spiritually One OÜ

Sepapaja tn 6

Harju Maakond • 15551


VAT / KMKR: EE102664027

Registry Code: 16833920

Contact us: info@spiritually.one

Our Business Model

We believe that social impact & responsibility is as important to our sustainability as having a financially healthy business.

The founding team regularly does volunteering work – many of the Pranic Healing® sessions offered free of charge were and are still done by us.

In the case of the tryout sessions, we collaborate with an international network of volunteers. These sessions have a symbolic price – there’s a 50% discount on the booking fee charged by us, and the practitioner works for free. This symbolic price help us cover the operating costs of our systems and the website.

Our profit comes from the value we charge for the service of booking what we call “regular” sessions: where the participants that have already tried Pranic Healing® book 1:1 sessions with practitioners from around the world.

The Founding Team

Clarice's picture

Clarice Deluchi

Head of Customer Success

Clarice owns our metrics related to the engagement and satisfaction of our customers:

We want them to be enthusiastic about the sessions – to experience something positive – and that they gladly notice both their financial investment and time were properly valued.

Manjari's picture

Manjari Mohandass

Head of Partner Success

Manjari owns our metrics related to the engagement and satisfaction of our partners:

We want them to happily engage into the organisational tasks and also volunteer to the Tryout Sessions. Partners should experience that the outcome is well worth their own investment of time and energy.

Jonathan's picture

Jonathan Soifer

Head of Business Sustainability

Jonathan owns our metrics related to the sustainability of the business in the short and long term.

He is also the main driver behind product and system development, constantly adapting and adjusting our offerings trying to make sure our processes run smoothly.

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