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what participants describe

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Experience as a patient and as a healer

In July 2022 I went to the sessions to receive physical healing due to a complication after IUD removal. At that time I was quite debilitated physically and emotionally, as I had severe and constant pain from the inflammation that remained, which improved just partially with daily use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic. After the first session, I already had an improvement and had no pain for four days and did not take any medication. After the second session, I no longer had any symptoms, but I had three more preventive sessions. When the treatment was over, I had no crisis for six months. Since 2012 I have been a pranic healer and sometimes also a patient. In my opinion, the benefits of the technique are undeniable as well as the technical ability of the team I work with. To my dear colleagues: thank you so much!!! I am a big fan of your work and strongly recommend it to everyone who needs help.

Avatar for Luana Battaglia
Luana Battaglia
April 16, 2023

Relaxing and powerful

I was greeted by the volunteer warmly and after a brief chat, I sat down with my palms facing upward resting on my legs and she began her magic. During the treatment I felt goose bumps many times and only a couple of times a slight feeling of discomfort that lasted only a few seconds. Overall it was a good experience, relaxing, and intriguing, I will definitely come back and recommend it to my friends.

Avatar for Sara Proserpio
Sara Proserpio
November 14, 2022

Encouraging experience, will do again

I much appreciated the smooth process behind the healing from the very beginning: from the registration, followed up by detailed emails and instructions on where to go, I found a very welcoming environment once arrived. The healer picked me up at the entrance and patiently explained what the pranic healing is about, given I never experienced a session before.

The session itself was very relaxing and gave me a sense of inner peace, it immediately made me feel lighter.

I will definitely book a second session as I benefitted from the first one. I welcome everyone to give pranic healing at least a try! Thank you for offering us the possibility to try

Avatar for Livia D'Ambrosio
Livia D'Ambrosio
November 8, 2022

Very recommendable.

I enjoyed the session. Relaxing and helpful. I have some back and shoulder issues. And my shoulder seems to profit from this treatment. It feels better now.

Avatar for Lars Wagner
Lars Wagner
July 25, 2022