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what participants describe

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The healing lasts longer than just the session

While I was going through difficult challenges in my life, Clarice introduced me to Pranic Healing to guide and support me through that moment.

It is incredible how great I felt after the sessions.

All the worries and negative thoughts were gone and I could only think about how my body and mind were energised and filled with good feelings.

The healing lasts more than only the “time of the session” – it is a great experience and ritual to start the next days with a mindset of positivity.

It also triggers a mindfulness state from the moment you start and drives us to look for the things that matter in life!

Avatar for Raquel Botero
Raquel Botero
July 10, 2022

I felt completely grounded, energized and relaxed

“My first pranic healing session last week was just incredible. I had my eyes closed during the whole treatment and just FELT the energy of my practitioner Manjari, so that i knew exactely on which part of my body she worked in every moment. It was a bit like a trance. After the session, I felt completely grounded, energized and relaxed. The positive effect on my symptoms is still lasting. I’m already looking very forward to the next session. Manjari must be an angel!”

Avatar for Julia Städing
Julia Städing
July 3, 2022

Menstruation Issues

I had been suffering with amenorrhea for months so I asked her to concentrate on that. After only two sessions, Clarice has resolved the issue. I cannot explain the joy and gratitude I feel. I highly recommend her and Pranic Healing for unlocking the power of body self healing.

Avatar for Alessandra
May 5, 2022

Refreshed & Excited

Despite being skeptical in the beginning, I came in with an open mind and heart. And a few minuts later, after our session, when I sat in a coffee shop, I felt so light and refreshed.

I definitely want to do the healing again. (…) This is a whole new world to me, but your healing did something to my soul, and I feel very intrigued and excited about it.

Avatar for Sana
April 20, 2022