None* of the practitioners are doctors, or nutritionists,or physical therapists, and because of that:

  • We are not qualified to diagnose any medical symptoms or conditions and won’t do so
  • We are not qualified to prescribe drugs and won’t do so
  • We won’t interfere with any treatment prescribed by a doctor
  • We won’t outline diets for you
  • We won’t outline exercising plans for you

* Even when a practitioner is a qualified professional from one of these fields, they are not acting in that capacity during these Pranic Healing® sessions

Additionally, please bear in mind that:

  • Pranic Healing® does not require physical touch – the practitioner will keep social distancing at all times
  • The tryout sessions for a symbolic price happen in a shared room: other participants and other practitioners are usually around us
  • Consult your doctor to get medical treatment before joining us

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