How is my data used?


In order to be able to schedule appointments, assign a practitioner to each appointment, send emails to you (e.g.: “Reminders”), and generate statistics, we rely on a few companies and systems that we do not own and that we are not a part of.

In this context, your data flows through the following systems:

Company Your data Purpose


548 Market St. #62411
(877) 381-8743
San Francisco, CA – U.S.

First name or nickname,
E-mail address
Connecting the Appointments Plugin with:
• Mailchimp (see below)
• Notion (see below)
• Slack (see below)
• Google Tools / Email (see below)

Intuit, Inc


675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE
Suite 5000
Atlanta, GA – U.S.

First name or nickname,
E-mail address
Data related to interaction with our emails
Date of the last session
Automated email for the visitor’s journey:
• Confirmation email for successful booking
• Reminder email one day in advance
• Thank you email one day after
• Cancelation / Change confirmation emails
Notion Labs, Inc.


548 Market St #74567
San Francisco, CA – U.S.

First name or nickname,
E-mail address
Date of each session
Control and assignment of each practitioner to each participant
Anonymised reports
(e.g.: “how many people are showed up on average/weekend”)
Slack Technologies Limited


Central Park (Block G)
3rd and 4th FL, No 1
Central Park, Leopardstown
Dublin 18, Ireland

First name or nickname,
E-mail address
Notifications to each practitioner

(e.g.: “you have a new session this Sunday”)

Notifications about arrival (“person X is by the door”)

Google Ireland Limited

GMail, Google Calendar

Gordon House, Barrow Street
Dublin 4 – Ireland
Tel: +353 1 543 1000

First name or nickname,
E-mail address
Website visiting anonymised data
Date of each session
Google Analytics to understand how effective our website is

A backup of all the data is sent to our Gmail address

in case any of the other system fails

First name or nickname:
  • We use this as a way to know who is coming for the session (and to greet you)
  • Your name is used to prepare and customise the four emails that we send:
    • A confirmation email, to let you know your booking was properly processed
    • A reminder email, to decrease the likelihood of “no-shows” on the day of the session
    • A thank you email, checking in on you one day after the session
    • Ocasional (once a month at most) generic reminder e-mails about new locations or available time slots
  • We also use your name to prepare a “table” of sessions for any particular day so we know which practitioner is assigned to which participant
Your email:
  • As mentioned above, your email is used to send you three transactional emails: a confirmation email upon booking, a reminder email one day before the session, and a thank you email after the session – in case you attended it and the fourth / occasional email about available slots and new locations
  • We will try to contact you through email about other unexpected changes (e.g.: we need to cancel a session)
  • Your e-mail also allows us to track whether you show up or not to your sessions since we tend to block people that do not show up
Your digital behaviour:
  • We use Google products in our website and pages in order to understand how fast the pages are loading, how responsive they are in different devices (e.g.: “Xiaomi Android”), how well we are ranking on their search engine and other aspects of user experience
  • The data is fully anonimised and not linked to the visitor’s name nor email – or any personal data, in any form whatsoever
  • A similar approach is applied to the emails we send to you – which allows us to understand whether the subject lines are effective (i.e.: are people opening the emails?) and whether the email provided is real or not (i.e.: was the email delivered or did it bounce?) – in the case of the statistics related to email openings, views, and clicks – it is all connected to your email address and, thus, identifiable
For all the data above:
  • The volunteers and practitioners working with us are able to see this data because any of them could be assigned to your session
  • The data is only shared with the systems and companies listed in the table above because we need them to operate the system. It will never be shared with any other company, organisation, or individual – unless fully anonymised for the purpose of discussing statistics around attendance and success rates

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