Clarice holding a Pranic Healing crystal


Pranic Healing, a practice that accelerates the body’s self-recovery process by cleansing and increasing vital energy. Just as light affects chemical reactions, vital energy boosts the body’s healing mechanisms, promoting faster recovery.

Clarice has taken the Pranic Healing® course back in 2008 – and has continued her education and training in Pranic Healing® with the following other courses (among others):

  • Pranic Healing ®

  • Advanced Pranic Healing ®

  • Pranic Psychotherapy ®

  • Pranic Crystal Healing ®

  • Practical Psychic Self-Defense ®

  • Pranic Face Lift and Pranic Body Sculpting ®

  • Pranic Feng Shui ®

  • Spiritual Business Management ®

Sanación Pránica:

Indicado para enfermedades generales como dolores, fatiga, problemas respiratorios, dolor de cabeza. problemas digestivos, lesiones, etc.

Para enfermedades graves y crónicas como diabetes, problemas cardíacos, hipertensión, tumores, etc.

Psicoterapia Pránica:

Indicado para trastornos psicológicos generales como estrés, preocupación, irritación, miedo, fobias y traumas.

Para trastornos psicológicas graves como depresión, adicción, violencia, alucinaciones y problemas de pareja.

Session duration:

Each session lasts up to one hour – for long standing illnesses or acute diseases, please consider booking an extended session.

Session rates & price:

  • Today: 7 € for booking a slot / reserving your session

  • On the day of the session: Additional 40 € – directly to her

  • Your total investment: 47 €

  • Payment by cash or Bizum:

    +34 687 651 278

Languages spoken:

  • 🇪🇸 Español

  • 🇬🇧 English

  • 🇧🇷 Português

Location & Address:

El Ventanal del Soho • Centro de Terapias y Coworking Holístico
Calle Cordoba 6
29001 • Málaga

(See it on Google Maps)

Find a time slot that works for you:

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